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Academic inputs alone will not make a person employable. These enrichment activities play a vital role in shaping a student as fully functional and employable. This institution takes utmost care in imparting this much needed training in addition to soft skills training and personality development.

In Planttraining:
Technical skills can be best imparted only with hands on training in the real world. In order to have this real world experience, all our trainees are provided with inplant training in nearby well organized major industries.

Apprenticeship Training:

Apprenticeship training is an important transition from Institute to Industry. Trainees who have acquired the skill training is an institution are not fully equipped to be employed as a full fledged workers. Industries also would like to test the capability of a worker before appointing him as a full time staff. To solve this problem apprenticeship training with a good and decent stipend from many reputed organizations.

Multiskill Training:

In today’s past developing Technology mastery in one field is not sufficient. A Mechanic should know not only the mechanism of an equipment but also the electrical circuit and vis-à-vis the Electrician. As every trade involved multifarious skills like Electrical, Electronics, Computer etc, we provide multi skill training to our trainees. This enables them to get into the field with confidence and mastery.

Soft Skill Training:

Soft skills or otherwise called the Attitude plays an importance role in deciding to effectiveness of an individual. Any amount of Technical Knowledge will be of no use if the person is not proactive. To make one self proactive and positive, Soft skills are essential. Inter personal relationship, Communication skills, Team working ability, Stress management, work life balance and above all Leadership skills are taught to our students which enable them to be confident, bold and to take initiative to face any challenges.

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