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Empower the youth to become Creative, Productive, Patriotic and skillful entrepreneur for the nation.


To be the agents for changing the nation in Socio-Economic and Industrial sphere so as to attain National Identity and Global Recognition.


To our pioneers, The Missionaries and the Ancestors who dared to walk the extra miles with “Him”… and set a new direction to Pasumalai Trade School, towards uplifting those marginalized and neglected.


“Let History record us as trend setters who lived and died for the people, particularly less privileged!” We will continue to Daydream, and Do.


Prelude to Pasumalai Trade School

The history began from 1834 by American Missionaries in Pasumalai, the place of origin of many Christian institutions to reduce the social gaps as untouchable to gain job skill for new life styles. To recall a few, Rev Edward Webb (1858) Rev. William Zumbro (1902) Rev.John X Miller (1907), the latest in the development list Rev.Dickxon (1921) had greater vision to liberalize the Christian from social bondage toward social identity by imparting job skills according to their abilities. It was considered as a “Revolution” among others since the least in the society has gain social recognition as equals among the public.


The motto of the institution “Empower for Development” has been given an operation; through the Trade skill in specific area to the rural youth, to liberate from bondages of label isolation and disregards.

To provide an honorable living style in society in par with others.
To infuse the Christian values of commitment for social upliftment.

Every educational task is toward attaining job skill suitable to his ability in relevance to the social demand in the job market. Hence our man power production is on high demand for the national and international requirements.

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